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Watch the video about Indonesia where the Danish Environment Protection Agency helps to improve waste management for the benefit of Indonesia and the environment.


Read about the work and results in:

Bangladesh – where the Danish Labour Inspectorate exports a good working environment for the benefit of workers in the textile industry and Danish companies.

Brazil – where the Danish Business Authority fights corruption and bureaucracy through digitalisation for the benefit of especially the poorest citizens and businesses.

China – where the Danish Environmental Protection Agency helps lower air pollution based on Danish experiences for the benefit of the people of China and Danish companies.

South Africa – where the Danish Environmental Protection Agency contributes to a more efficient water supply for the benefit of South Africans and Danish companies.

Ghana – where the Danish Maritime Authority helps create better framework conditions for the maritime sector for the benefit of Ghana and Danish companies.

Indonesia – where the Danish Environmental Protection Agency helps with long-term energy planning and integration of renewable energy for the benefit of Indonesians and the environment.  

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