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Danida Market Development Partnerships: 80 million DKK for business models for a better world

Danida Market Development Partnerships has completed the 2018 application round. Small and medium-sized enterprises are involved in seven out of ten new market-driven partnerships.

The application round 2018 for Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) has been completed, and received a large number of applications. The ten strongest partnership projects have been selected to receive support in order to spur local growth, create more and better jobs with a particular focus on women and young people, through commercially sustainable business concepts. Grants are given to not-for-profit administrative partners, whereas participating companies pay their own expenses and any investments related to the partnership projects.

    The ten partner consortia will now work on developing more detailed project proposals. The development process extends over a period of four to six months, where the consortia will receive guidance and support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant embassies. The ten partnership projects are:
  • CARE Denmark with Danish SME Bluetown and tech startup Sandholt. Purpose: Promote internet connections as a catalyst for rural development and use digital technologies to strengthen agricultural production and facilitate access to markets.
  • WWF Denmark with Danish SME Plastix. Purpose: Collection and recycling of plastic, e.g. fishing nets, to improve income opportunities in four counties in southern Kenya.
  • BoP Innovation Center with Arla Foods. Purpose: Improve opportunities for income for rural women in Bangladesh through the development of a network of sales agents focusing on nutrition.
  • The Nature and BioDiversity Conservation Union (NABU), Forrest of the World, Ulrich Walter/Lebensbaum and the Danish start-up AM Breweries. Purpose: Better income for smallholder farmers in the Kafa region of Ethiopia through commercial, organic certification of coffee from small farmers. Innovative use of coffee leaves for brewing a cider-like drink in Denmark.
  • We Effect with COOP and the Danish-owned SME African Coffee Roasters. Purpose: Establishing commercial organic coffee production in Kenya in order to establish new Kenyan high-end coffee products and boost income for smallholder farmers.
  • Self Help Africa with SME Golden Bees Ltd. and the Danish SME Swienty. Purpose: Development of organic honey and beeswax among smallholder farmers and refugees in Northern Uganda.
  • Helvetas with AToZ Textile Mills. Purpose: To reduce crop loss after harvest in Tanzania by expanding the use of hermetically sealed bags to prevent mold and pests.
  • ICCO Cooperation and the SME Evers Specials. Purpose: Increase income of smallholder farmers in Myanmar by increasing the production of high quality mung beans for export.
  • Integrated Rural Development Foundation and the SME Vila SARL. Purpose: Create better opportunities for income to Filipino farmers by utilizing the shell of coconuts in the production of material used for growing flowers and vegetables.
  • Philippine Business for Social Progress and Kennemer Foods. Purpose: Contribute to increased cocoa production in the Philippines by involving smallholder farmers who today primarily only grow coconut palms.

About Danida Market Development Partnerships

Do you want your company to help deliver on the global goals while doing business? Then Danida Market Development Partnerships might be a great model for you to get started.

Danida Market Development Partnerships promotes commercially oriented partnerships that help to develop markets and promote local economic growth and employment in developing countries. A DMDP partnership project is based on a business idea driven by one or more companies who deliver sustainable business.

The business idea must support local development and contribute to delivering on World Goal 8 (Local Economic Growth and Employment). Therefore, DMDP partnerships combine knowledge, solutions and resources from companies, civil society organizations, business organizations, authorities and other relevant non-commercial partners. It allows both to create more transformative development results and viable business.
DMDP holds applications round once a year until 2020. To be considered, a partnership must at least consist of a private company and a non-commercial partner. One of the partners must be local. The application is submitted by a non-commercial partner.

Questions to the DMDP and the application round should be addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's Office for Growth, Employment and Business Development (

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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